Experience life without the boundaries of space or time.

Tablet Companion

Home Screen

Tiles & Timeline

The Traveler will see an itinerary for a destination that they’ve opted to visit. The summary will show how many years they are traveling in time and distance and any alerts to be conscientious of before deploying.

The top 4 tiles are a high level summary of previous trips a Traveler has taken.  It also gives a view of travel notes, favorite trips and events that have occurred on the day the Traveler is currently in.

Travel Anywhere

Search Anything

Travel Back in Time

Relive your most cherished childhood memories, meet the love of your life all over again. With Traveler; you can do just that.

Visit the Future

A Traveler can also visit an unwritten future. Will we be on Mars or traveling light years into other galaxies? The discovery is in now your hands.

A Traveler can search and visit any event in history. Information about that event in history is aggregated from Google’s databases. All events are color coded to denote if it is Historical, Personal, Biblical, Etc.

Fingerprint Authentication

Before engaging in time travel a Traveler must authenticate their fingerprints through the app’s sensors. Traveling through time is something that can have major repercussions if not done responsibly. Security measures are in place to prevent someone else from traveling as you.

How'd We Get Here?

The Approach


Creating an interface that felt familiar and intuitive in a space that had not been explored is the biggest  challenge. The goal for the NASA Traveler app is to be  more than a tool to travel time. It is one's personal diary of their fondest memories and experiences.

No Gimmicks

Many experiences are over designed and bloated with interaction gimmicks. It is important when creating Traveler that users feel a familiarity with the experience as opposed to learning something completely new.


A Traveler can browse their memories as they would a photo album, or browse events in history as they would a Google search.

Time Travel comes with a great deal of sensitivity and responsibility. All users must go through a screening and approval process before being issued a license to time travel.

Sketch Explorations

Identity Concepts

NASA Inspired

The objective was to evolve the existing NASA logo to show a Traveler's silhouette. The red NASA swoosh symbolizes sweeping through time.

Google Focused

A Google focused approach with a "beaming up" dematerialization look, showing a Traveler transporting through time.

Vintage Worm

Simple is always sexier. The vintage worm logo pays tribute to NASA's past while adding simple clean text beneath, displaying the app's name.

The Concept of Time

The Jumper

blue circle displays the point of origin and the large orange dot shows the point in time that the user is currently in.

Blue lines display a user jumping forward in time, while orange indicates a user jumping back in time. The large

Stacked & Straight

This representation simply stacks new events on top of the last. If a Traveler moves forward in time, it is

denoted in blue, and if a Traveler moves back in time, it is shown in bright red.

Mobile Companion

Mobile Search

A user is able to search and explore memories in a more condensed manner than on the tablet experience.

Your Trave Passport

Once a Traveler has selected a destination to visit, the home screen changes into a digital passport that will provide a summary of the trip you're to embark on.



Fingerprint authentication for a Traveler is an understood paradigm.  Creating an experience that is intuitive and easy to use is based on existing technologies and behaviors understood by a broad audience.

Thank You

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This representation simply stacks new events on top of the last. If a Traveler moves forward in time, it is denoted in blue, and if a Traveler moves back in time, it is shown in bright red.